Bankruptcy Videos

Our office specializes in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. We may also be available to assist with Chapter 11 bankruptcy matters. The videos below explain some basic information about Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

The following videos provide basic information about the bankruptcy process.

Bankruptcy Basics Part 1: This video provides an introduction to the bankruptcy process.

Bankruptcy Basics Part 2: This video provides an overview of the different types of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Basics Part 3: This video explains the limits of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Basics Part 4: This video explains the process of filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Basics Part 5: This video explains the meeting of creditors. In most consumer cases, creditors do not appear to question the debtor. However, the trustee appointed in the case will be present in every case in order to question the debtor. In most cases, the hearing itself takes only a few minutes. However, a more detailed examination or continued examinations may be required if there are nonexempt assets in the case, or if other complications arise.

Bankruptcy Basics Part 6: This video provides information regarding bankruptcy court hearings. You may be required to attend a court hearing if you intend to reaffirm a loan in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or if you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Basics Part 7: This video explains the discharge process.

Bankruptcy Basics Part 8: This video discusses whether you should hire an attorney. Although you have the right to represent yourself in a bankruptcy proceeding, it is not usually recommended.