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Is Bankruptcy Your Ticket to a Debt-Free Life?

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Bordeaux Law, P.C. offers bankruptcy services to individuals and business owners in the Pasadena and Arcadia, CA area. Work with a local bankruptcy attorney to find out which chapter is best for your situation. We rely on decades of experience to guide you to the best solution.

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Why is it important to work with a bankruptcy law firm that offers a range of bankruptcy services? You want a bankruptcy attorney who'll do what's best for you, not what's easiest for them. Contact Bordeaux Law to talk to a...

Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney: Is a loss of income forcing you to declare bankruptcy?
Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney: Are you looking for a way to keep your business open while restructuring your debt?
Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney: Do you need more time to pay off your debts?

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Bankruptcy isn't the only debt solution you'll find at Bordeaux Law. A debt settlement attorney can help you with debt consolidation, repayment plans and debt settlement negotiations. Our goal is helping you find the best way out of debt, no matter what that is.