Before You Agree to Bankruptcy

Explore your options with a debt settlement attorney in Pasadena, CA, serving Arcadia, CA residents

Is bankruptcy your only option? Before you decide to take that route, consider debt settlement. An attorney in Pasadena, California can help you come up with a debt management plan to save your credit.

Count on Bordeaux Law, P.C. to negotiate with your creditors for a reduced settlement. With consolidated debt and a repayment plan in place, you could get back on the road to financial freedom without the long-term consequences of filing for bankruptcy.

Find out if you're eligible for these debt relief options. Dial 626-788-9270 today to speak with a debt settlement attorney.

3 ways to get your debt under control

3 ways to get your debt under control

Creditors don’t have your best interests in mind, but Bordeaux Law does. Our debt relief attorney can help you…

  1. Consolidate your debt: Combine all your debt into one simple weekly or monthly payment.
  2. Make a repayment plan: Come up with a solid plan of action to eliminate your debt.
  3. Settle your debts: You can often negotiate with your creditors to settle your debts for less than what you owe.

Before you make a decision about bankruptcy, make sure you have all the facts. Sit down with a debt relief attorney in Pasadena, CA today.